Rabbi Shlame & Miriam Landa and Family


Rabbi Shlame was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, where his parents, Rabbi Yosef and Shiffy Landa are the Regional Directors of Chabad. He studied in Yeshivas in Tzfat, Israel and Brunoy, France before graduating from the Oholei Torah Talmudical Seminary in Brooklyn, New York. He received his Rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Yehuda Yeruslavski, a leading rabinic authority in Israel. As part of his rabbinic training, he has also visited remote Jewish communities throughout the US.

Rabbi Landa is an engaging and personable educator who touches his audiences with his blend of wisdom, warmth and humor. He possesses the ability to teach Torah and traditional ideals in a modern context, making them relevant to the modern mind and heart. He is always ready to meet for a cup of coffee and a schmooze about Judaism, baseball or life in general. 

Born in the heart of Brooklyn, NY, Miriam grew up in a home that was a magnet for guests and family. She was raised to cherish the joys of Judaism and to embrace and welcome others. Miriam graduated from Beth Rivka before completing her Early Childhood training at Machon Shoshanat Yerushalayim in Jerusalem. 

Miriam is a dedicated educator. Her passion and creativity have developed Mini Gan Izzy and Chabad Hebrew school into standard bearers of Jewish Education today. Her warmth and profound insight into the minds of children has earned the admiration of parents, faculty and students. Miriam is also the driving force behind the host of innovative community holiday programs, youth activities and women’s programming at Chabad. 

Inspired by the Lubavitcher Rebbe and his teachings, the Landas established Chabad of Fairfield in 2007. Under their inspired leadership, Chabad has grown into a dynamic force for Jewish life in Upper Fairfield County. They are blessed with 7 children who are the real secret behind Chabad’s success.