We've gone virtual with Jewish learning!

Safeguarding the health, safety, and wellbeing of our families and community remains our foremost consideration as we weigh our next steps. Given the most current updates, the continuing proliferation of COVID-19, and the advice and direction of trusted medical and Rabbinic council, our Chabad centers have temporarily suspended coming together for minyanim, classes, and events.
Instead, we are calling on everyone to increase our individual Torah study, prayer, and charity from the safety of our homes.
We will be joined in heart and soul as we daven in our separate locations, joined in our hopes and prayers for health and wellness around the world. If you need to say kaddish, go to  www.saykaddish.com to designate someone to say kaddish in a minyan on your behalf.  
While we are temporarily closing the physical doors of our buildings to slow down the spread of the virus, our commitment to each other remains as strong as ever. Our activities will move to other venues as we protect our health and well-being. Our regular classes will continue virtually; study partners will be continuing their classes by phone or internet and we will also be broadcasting a number of classes online. Most of the classes will be broadcast through YouTube and Facebook. 
Check back often as we will be adding more online resources for you daily!
Fridays @ 10:00 AM
Join Rabbi Shlame for a pre-Shabbat exploration of the weekly Torah portion highlighting the practical lessons for every-day living gleaned from the Torah's eternal wisdom.
Daily Torah study section featuring audio and video classes alongside the original texts in both English and the original Hebrew.
Check out the quarantine playlist, choose from a variety of online courses and classes to advance your Jewish knowledge.
We also have a selection of resources, inspiration, and guidance surrounding COVID-19. 
Online learning resource for kids:  Jewish Kids Club