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  Coffee & Kabbalah Book Club - weekly women's (zoom) roundtable
with Miriam Landa

    Read. Discuss. Connect. 
Pull up a chair and join the conversation!  
Explore and discuss some great concepts in Jewish Wisdom!

 We are currently learning: "THE TANYA"

Join us on this journey of the soul. 
You will find that your life will quickly begin to change on all fronts,
and you will begin living a more meaningful life.
The Tanya - compiled by the first Chabad Rebbe, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi,
is the universally popular Chassidic text offering
inspiration and "soul hacks" for people like me and you.

Tuesdays, 11:00am-12:00pm
Currently on ZOOM
(, passcode chabad)

To receive class updates, contact Miriam at [email protected]om

* Why is my life so full of contradictions?
* How does one deal with anger, anxiety, jealousy, and emotional, spiritual or mental blockages?
* How does one attain genuine joy and satisfaction?
* How can I learn to have more self control?
* Does Judaism believe in mediation?
* What are some tips to help me connect to Hashem despite my 24/7 schedule?
* Where does evil come from?
* Can we deviate from the divine plan?
* What is the real reward for a Mitzvah?
* Why is life so hard? Can't we just live at peace with ourselves?
* Is there a point in doing a mitzvah if I really don't "mean it"?
 * How can I love or revere G‑d if I've never really seen or met Him?